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  • If you have an ELECTRIC WATER HEATER you should put a timer on it. This would save you $$ by having the water heater turn on only at peak times.
  • To upkeep your GARBAGE DISPOSAL, 3x a year add 1 tray of ice to disposal to grind up to sharpen the blades. That night, add 1/4 cup of cooking oil to lube blade assembly.
  • Everyone likes a powerful shower but, too much pressure will wear on your FIXTURES. The recommended pressure is 60 PSI to 80 PSI anything more will cost you $$
  • If you have a TANK LESS coil to make your hot water, there are many efficient alternatives. They will pay for themselves and SAVE YOU MONEY !!!!
  • Cold weather alone is not the cause of FROZEN PIPES. We find that it's the draft across the pipes that cause the problem. Take care of the this and that will help them from freezing. There are many solutions such as: heat tape, insulation, or running the water in the bitter weather. Don't wait till it's so late!!
  • Salts from your WATER SOFTER discharging in your septic tank are bad for the bacteria. Make sure you are adding bacteria monthly.
  • Flushing your WATER HEATER and changing the rods will extend the life of your water heater. The cost to do so is a fraction of the cost of a new water heater.
  • Examine your duct work for leaks. Hold a candle to the duct work to look for a breeze. Repair your leaks with duct tape. This will save you $$
  • Pasta, rice, carrots, celery and other water absorbing items when cooked are very possible to clog your brain when put down the GARBAGE DISPOSAL costing you money. Avoid putting these down the drain at all times.
With the cold weather on its is advised to remove all garden hoses and drain outside faucets to prevent frozen pipes from occurring. Also,  turn shut off valves from inside the house to that particular faucet to off.

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