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Garbage Disposal Repair or Install

 Garbage   Disposals

What are garbage disposals and how do they work?? Garbage disposal is a basic home appliance that helps you to dispose off all the household garbage and waste you have made. It is a must-have home appliance or kitchen appliance for most people.


How Does A Garbage Disposal Work??

We eat food, chew and grind them with our sharp teeth, digest the digestible food and dispose off the undigested food. A garbage disposal works the same way except for the fact that it cannot digest any food. Whatever it chews, it disposes them off. A garbage disposal chews and grinds up food scraps and waste that are fed down the drain with a heavy flow of water. The disposal that is mounted on the underside of the sink drain. It has an electric motor connected to a power supply. The disposer has a grinding chamber with shredding blades that break down the food. This finely grinded waste is then passed on to an impeller arm and plate that force the waste particles and liquid down the drain. Most garbage disposals have electric-powered motors and run on power. Some foods such as Rice, Pasta, Carrots, Celery and other water absorbing items could possibly clog your drain when put down your disposal. AVOID these items when possible.
                         Garbage Disposal Tips and Tricks:
To upkeep your Garbage Disposal: Quarterly add 1 tray of ice to disposal, grind it up to sharpen the blades. That night, add 1/4 cup of cooking oil to lube the blade assembly.
                   Is Your Garbage Disposal Making A  Strange Noise???                     
There are three distinct noise issues that can happen in garbage disposals, a metallic rattling sound (often described like the firing of a machine gun), a whirring (humming) noise and a squealing sound.

          Is your garbage disposal making  a loud rattling noise??

The metal rattling sound happens when a hard object falls into the disposal and is bounced around by the blades. Removing the object will eliminate this issue. Turn off the disposal, unplug it from the socket under your sink, and remove the foreign object from the disposal. If you have unplugged the unit, it is safe to use heavy work gloves to remove the object. You can also use a slender pair of tongs.

 Is your garbage disposal making a humming or whirring noise??

A whirring or humming noise indicates a stuck flywheel mechanism. This type of issue happens when a piece of debris gets stuck between the shredder ring and the impellers. Using the wrench that came with your disposal, manually crank the gear at the base of the machine until the blockage is dislodged. Run some water into the disposal to clear the block. Reset the unit and use as normal. If the unit cannot be dislodged this way, contact us to handle it!!


            Is your garbage disposal making a squealing noise?

If your unit is squealing, turn it off immediately. This can indicate a failing bearing and possible motor failure. It might also indicate a problem with the flywheel drive belt (if your unit is belt driven).

Some of Garbage Disposal Issues you might be having are:

                                  *The Disposal Won’t Shut Off

If you are having trouble getting the unit to shut off, check the plug that you have connected your cord to. When plugs are wired to a switch, sometimes the top half of the outlet is attached to the switch while the bottom received continual power. Try plugging the disposal into the other socket. If this Garbage’t work, you have an electric issue, either between the unit and the outlet or between the outlet and the switch. Unplug the machine or shut off the main breaker switch. Now it is time to contact us!!!

                            *Your Garbage Disposal is Clogged

When a disposal clogs and water backs up into the sink, the cause is usually a clogged drain line. It is important that you clean this clog manually and DO NOT use a commercially available clog remover (Drano, Liquid Plumber, etc.) because the caustic chemicals can damage the unit. We have given you an alternative way to clean your drain in the above TIPS & TRICKS section. Identify the drain line, place an empty bucket beneath it, and detach it from the main disposal unit. This could require a wrench (if your line is attached with dual bolts) or the release of a pressure joint (simply unscrew it). Use your finger to clear out the drain line opening in the disposal, then clear the drain line of any blockage there as well. If the clog is further down the line, you’ll need to clear it with a drain snake or contact us to properly handle the situation.

                          * You have Water Leaking Under the Sink

There are a couple of places that a garbage disposal is most likely to be leaking. The first place you will want to check is the garbage disposal drain line. Tighten the drain line bolts or the pressure seal to stop a leak here. If the pressure seal is broken, most likely you will need to a new o-ring. The other common place is the connection from the dishwasher line, which is the same shared line. Tighten the bolts, if no luck then the gasket might need to be replaced. The worst place to find a leak is in the sink flange. Most of the leaks in this area are due to failed upper gaskets. These cannot be replaced by the Do -It- Your-Selfer, and Now it is time to contact us!!
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